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3 Special Day Trips

Thinking about holidays in Slovenia? We organize three one-day trips before and after the congress, for those who are interested in special Slovenian gems. If you want a special excursion that is not in the program, we arrange it for you according to your wishes. Contact us.

Book each for € 99 or all three day trips for € 280!

The Karst

The Karst, July 9, 2022

Škocjan UNESCO Caves, Lipica Stud Farm, Predjama Castle

Travel to the heart of the Karst region and explore the Škocjan UNESCO caves, an underground marvel, and the Lipica Stud Farm with its long tradition of breeding and training the famous Lipizzaner horse.

The world's largest cave castle, listed as one of the Guinness World Records, tells a picturesque story about the times when comfort had to give way to safety, and when the clatter of weapons would often drown out troubadours' songs. It is so special and unique, it ranks among the ten most fascinating castles in the world, and so romantic that many couples choose it for their wedding vows.

Price: € 99


Bled, July 16, 2022

Lake Bled, Radovljica and the Museum of Apiculture

Take our day tour and visit Lake Bled, the charming Alpine resort at the very edge of the Julian Alps. Lake Bled’s famous island with a church rests in the middle of the lake. A medieval castle perches on a cliff above Lake Bled and offers the best views of the lake itself and the surrounding Alpine peaks.

Slovenian beekeeping is marked by centuries of world renowned tradition. In 2017 the birth date of the pioneer of Slovenian beekeeping, Anton Jansa – 20th May – was announced as World Bee Day. His work and that of other Slovenian beekeepers is on view in the Museum of Apiculture, Radovljica.

Price: € 99


The Coast, July 17, 2022

Socerb, Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Piran

The Slovenian coast is small but endearingly charming. This is the best day trip to visit the highlights of the Slovenian coast and its hinterland.

We visit Socerb castle and admire magnificent views of Trieste. We continue through the coastal hinterland towards the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, to discover the ages old traditions of salt production in the natural habitat of numerous birds and other animals. End the tour with a walk through historical Piran, the most picturesque town on the Slovenian coast.

Price: 99 €

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